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Deanna Shelly


Real Estate Professional, CSP


Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Staging, Interior Design

I have a sincere passion for connecting with people and helping them make smart business decisions, especially when it comes to buying or selling their home.  Prior to pursing my lifelong passion of real estate, I put my business degree from Babson College to good use and started my own company where I coached top executives on how to solve problems, negotiate deals, & build interpersonal skills needed to develop meaningful relationships.  I have carried over my strong business skills and work ethic into my real estate business - a business that thrives on strong relationships and educated business decisions. You NEED to trust your real estate agent, which means they work for you AND understand that a real estate transaction is a business transaction.  I have an unique ability to manage the people involved AND negotiate the business side of a transaction with ease, which will lead you to an experience that is professional and warm.

I earned my business degree from Babson College and my Masters in Human Resources from Villanova University – the combination of these degrees has given me a solid foundation of business and people skills that I use every day in my growing real estate business.  

Contact me today to start your real estate journey!

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